My art is inspired by my life journey as a woman who lives between two worlds, my native Chile and my new home, Santa Fe; and by my perception of nature itself, with its shapes, lines, texture and colors that invite me to create suggestive pieces that aim to speak a universal language, in which the viewer can, hopefully relate to its own experiences. 

I work with clay of all types which gives me the ability to play freely to create sensuous sculptural abstract shapes layered with muted yet vibrant colors that are inspired by high-mountain foliage in equal parts with otherworldly jungle flowers, as well as more utilitarian objects, bas reliefs and installation work. I strive for clean shapes, lines and gracefulness in which the craft plays a fundamental role. 

My creative process starts with a vague idea scribbled on paper.  Once I get my hands on the clay, a more intuitive journey begins. While aiming for those little nuances that make a difference, I can shape, punch, push, carve, texture and color for hours. I like my ceramic works to have a quality both luminous and earthy that is distinctly my own.