As both an artist and woman, I have been influenced by my native Chile and my new home, Santa Fe.  My creative journey has always gone hand-in-hand with my passion for teaching.  I was a professor for 17 years at the Catholic University in Chile and have always taught at my private studios both in Chile and New Mexico, as well as at Santa Fe Clay. My art is inspired by my life experiences, and through my sculptures I attempt to convey feelings of warmth, safety and love.

By allowing myself to work sculptural abstract forms inspired by nature, as well as figurative shapes, three dimensional pieces and bas relief sculpture, I aim for a balance of my different interests in my work.

I love clay of all types because it gives me the ability to play freely and achieve shapes in which an ongoing dialog between form, color, surface and texture can take place. I strive for clean shapes, lines and gracefulness.  My creative process starts with a vague idea scribbled on paper.  Once I get my hands on the clay, a more intuitive journey begins. While aiming for those little nuances that make a difference, I can shape, punch, push, carve, texture and color for hours. I feel that this identifies me as an artist and human being.