Born in Santiago, Chile. Andrea grew up in a German environment with German and Spanish being her first languages.  In her early life she learned to enjoy and respect nature to the fullest as well as her country, its people, culture and history. This interest inspired her to travel extensively throughout Europe, where she lived in Germany at age 16 as an exchange student and later through her native Chile as well as Peru and Bolivia. The travels ignited her interest in ancient cultures, which she had been studying since age 6 when she started taking ceramic lessons with Luz Concha, a well known artist in Chile.


She was accepted at age 18 into the Art School of the Pontifical Catholic University in Chile, where she earned in 1987 a Master Degree in Fine Art with honors. As a student she also worked as a professor’s assistant and participated in many group exhibits.


She and her family moved in 1987 to Angel Fire, NM, where she worked as  the Graphic Designer and Draftsperson for the Resort and Complex 7 Inc, an architectural and engineering firm.  She also taught part time at the ski school.


They returned to Chile in 1991 where she soon became an Associate Professor as well as the Vice Chair at the Art School of the P. Catholic University, while she taught in the sculpture department and did research work and later also became the head of the sculpture department. In her 17 years as professor she taught classes on Sculpture, Ceramics, Paper Clay Sculpture and Advanced Ceramics among others. One of her research projects is a published book called:  “El Arte de la Tierra y el Fuego, Manual práctico para el alumno”, (The art of clay and fire, Students manual). She has also worked in many community projects throughout Santiago, Chile, to create a better environment for low income areas and the underserved as well as teaching at her private sculpture studio Eccos del Barro. Teaching taught her the beauty and sorrow of the human being which became a changing point in her own creative process.


She has participated in more than 30 group exhibits in Chile and Argentina and in 12 solo exhibits in Chile and the USA. Her work can be found in many public spaces as well as private collections in Chile, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, USA, Canada, Spain and The Vatican. She has given many lectures and has been a curator for many exhibits.


Andrea moved to Santa Fe, NM in August 2010 were she married Dr. Dave Gonzales and opened her private sculpting studio and business CeramicAndrea, LLC, where she works, shows her art and also teaches kids and adults to discover the beauty of clay and sculpting. She also teaches group and private lessons, work that she really enjoys and makes her feel part of her new home, Santa Fe.

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